Cesium chloride alternative cancer treatment

Updated November 21, 2016

In the United States, one in three people will develop cancer during their lifetimes. Because traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation, often cause severe side effects and because these treatments don't always prove to be successful, cancer patients sometimes opt to find an alternative treatment that works, such as caesium chloride. Though the Mayo Clinic claims that no alternative medicine can cure cancer, studies have show caesium chloride to be effective in some cases.

Cancer Overview

Healthy cells are surrounded by a membrane that allows oxygen and nutrients to flow in and out of the cell. Oxygen and nutrients, such as glucose, flow into the cell and waste products flow out of the cell. However when carcinogens, or toxins, overwhelm the immune system, the natural cell process is damaged and the oxygen cannot flow correctly. When this occurs, the cells attempt to survive through the process of fermentation, which forms anaerobic cancer cells. These cells must be destroyed as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading.

Caesium (CsCl) Function

Caesium is a natural alkaline mineral with the chemical formula CsCl. Caesium chloride is a salt form of caesium, according to This alkaline element is able to limit the cell's uptake in glucose, which in turn starves the cell and slows down the fermentation process. The element also increases the pH levels of the cell, which allows the cancer cells to die. Higher pH levels also neutralise the weak lactic acid in the body to prevent pain formed from the cancer.


The first attempt at using caesium chloride to treat cancer patients was in 1984 by Keith Brewer, Ph.D. He treated 30 patients with a variety of cancer types, and all 30 patients survived. Since then, numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of caesium chloride as a cancer treatment. Fifty terminal cancer patients were treated with caesium chloride and other herbal supplements at the Life Science Universal Medical Center Clinics in Rockville, MD from 1981 to 1984. The tumour mass of all 50 patients was reduced after 48 hours, and 25 of the patients went into remission.


Caesium chloride does not work for everyone. According to, a dose as low as .5 grams per day could actually increase the growth of tumours. A dose of 3 to 6g per day is needed to be effective. For people who are calcium-deficient, the body is unable to increase the pH levels. These people should take calcium tablets to improve the effects of caesium chloride. Other supplements that assist caesium chloride include vitamin C, zinc and potassium, which are often prescribed along with the consumption of caesium chloride pills.

Expert Insight

Side effects from taking caesium chloride have been reported rarely. They include ventricular tachycardia, which is an irregular heartbeat condition that can result in cardiac death if not treated, nausea, potassium depletion and diarrhoea. Also, states that this treatment is not proven to work for everyone, and that most alternative cancer treatments work on a minority of people. You should talk to your doctor about the treatment that is right for you.

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