What Is Weldbond Adhesive?

Updated February 21, 2017

Weldbond is an all-purpose adhesive that works well with a variety of materials, from glass to metal. It also works well as a primer for porous items. Sometimes you need to use adhesives when you are working on a craft project, repairing upholstery or putting up beadboard. In a perfect world, you would be able to use one kind adhesive for everything It is a product that you may find yourself depending upon time and time again.


Weldbond "is more than just a great glue, it's a universal adhesive that works fast to join many products to themselves as well as to each other." It is easily recognisable by its bright red label and works well with materials from asbestos to zinc. Weldbond touts itself as a universal space age adhesive, because it was used by NASA's space shuttle crew, although the product has been around since the 1960s.


Weldbond will bond a wide range of materials together, including smoothly surface like glass or marble. If you wish to bond together two items that are porous, you can use Weldbond to prepare the surfaces by sealing them, thus allowing you to bond them together effectively.


Weldbond is also effective as a dustproofer. Simply mix five parts water and one part Weldbond together and coat it on porous floors like concrete or tile. This coating will keep even well-trafficked area dust free for quite a while. A thinned coat of Weldbond is also an effective barrier for salt, grease and oil. Weldbond is nontoxic, nonflammable and it dries clear.

Drying Time

Wellbond's drying time varies according to its application. It is possible to speed the drying time to allow Weldbond to cure somewhat before bonding the to items together. However, this can lessen the overall strength of the bond. For the most effective bond, apply the Weldbond to the items you wish to bond together, then allow these items to set for three days to achieve the most effective bond.


Though Weldbond works with a long list of materials, there are some materials for which Weldbond is not as effective, among them PVC, vinyl, cast iron or "pot metals." Weldbond does not work well on containers that are supposed to hold water. When you are using Weldbond with materials for which it is effective, make sure you clean the surfaces so that they are clear of grease and other impurities.

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