Green Puss in a Dog's Eye

Updated February 18, 2017

When dogs experience eye pain or discomfort, you'll need to watch for signs. Eyes conditions can be painful, and if you notice symptoms, such as green puss in your dog's eye, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.


Green discharge from your dog's eye is usually a sign of infection. There may be a foreign body in the eye, such as a piece of grass or dirt, though excessive eye watering and redness would be noticeable before a green discharge appears.

Additional Symptoms

The white part of your dog's eye may be red, and it may also have swollen, red eyelids. You may also notice excessive tearing. One or both eyes may be affected.

Diagnosing the Condition

If you notice green discharge or other unusual symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately. She will examine your dog's eye and possibly put in drops that will stain the surface of its eyes for a few minutes. This will allow her to check for a scratch on the cornea or other eye conditions that are easily detected when the stain is present.


Eye infections usually require prescription eye drops. However, if you notice a small amount of discharge and no other symptoms, you can treat your dog's eye at home with a warm compress. This helps keep the eye comfortable and may also decrease symptoms.


If your dog's treatment requires the use of medicated eye drops, be sure to use the drops for the length of time your veterinarian recommends. Symptoms will often fade after a few applications of the drops, but the underlying cause of the infection or condition may still be present.

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