Juvenile Detention Center Information

Updated July 19, 2017

A juvenile detention centre is a residential facility that is the result of a youth being found guilty of an offence and can also happen after an arrest or during court proceedings. Some cases can result in the case being transferred to criminal court, although this is in only a few cases.

Average Age of Juveniles in Detention Centers

The juvenile offender population comprises 85 per cent mails and 15 per cent females, according to the office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). The average age for first-time delinquency is 15.2 years of age and they usually entered the system before age 14. The average age for violent juvenile offenders is 15.8 years of age

Nonviolent Offenses

Sixty-four per cent of the juvenile population in detention centres is there for nonviolent offences. The males made up a majority of this population at 86.1 per cent and the female offenders, 13.9 per cent, according to OJJDP.

Violent Offenses

Thirty-six per cent of the juvenile population in detention centres is there for violent offences. The males constituted 87.5 per cent of these offenders and female offenders 12.5 per cent, according to OJJDP. Most facilities contain a mix of violent and nonviolent offenders.

Detained vs. Committed

Detained offenders are those that awaiting adjudication, disposition or placement elsewhere. Committed offenders are those who have been held by court orders. Some of these offenders are not held by juvenile but, criminal courts. Thirty-four per cent of committed and less than 4 per cent of detained offenders remain in placement six months after admission. On average offenders stay 147 days after admission, according to OJJDP.

Disadvantages to Arrangement

The juvenile justice system takes on a very big task when admitting youth into a residential facility. It has to provide mental health care, substance abuse, education, dental health, medical health and other miscellaneous factors. Also, this situation breaks up families, routines, regular education and interrupts the normal life of the youth.

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