Where to Buy Inexpensive Labello Lipcare

Updated February 21, 2017

According to, "Labello offers a complete range of products that will keep your lips cared and protected in every situation." Labello lip care includes glosses and balms for women as well as one "for men" balm. The company began in 1909 and boasts the slogan: Nobody Loves Lips More. You can see the Labello collection on its website,, but you can't buy directly from the site.

Where to Buy

There is a range of prices available for Labello lip balms and glosses. Labello lip care products are imported from Germany where they originated. Since you can't buy directly from the Labello site, finding a drugstore or cosmetic boutique online is your best bet. has some good deals. The most inexpensive option for Labello lip care products is an online store that sells European cosmetics; has a wide selection of Labello lip care at inexpensive prices.


Labello lip products come in a wide variety of choices. shows slide-on tubes, squeeze tubes and jar packaging. Whether you want lip care or something to make your lips shine, you'll find what you are looking for. Labello lip products have something for every lip need: from preventive care, moisturising for dry lips, medicated treatment, sensitive for those with lips that become easily irritated to lips that are just in need of some shimmer and shine, Labello has you covered.

Considerations explains that its products keep your lips healthy by maintaining moisture at the proper levels and by combating natural problems due to changes in climate or season. Labello lip products contain mostly natural ingredients. Their lip balms and glosses are almost all preservative-free because they do not contain enough water content to need preservatives to combat bacteria, according to the "frequently asked questions" on Labello lip products keep your lips healthy naturally.


Whether you are using Labello lip balms and glosses as a lip treatment or as a way to enhance the look of your lips, you are receiving a dose of healthy, natural ingredients no matter the product. As described on the Labello website, the Labello Sensitive Care stick contains calendula oil and chamomile extract to protect and heal skin as well as avocado and jojoba oil to soften and calm. The glosses, as well, are full of healthy, moisturising ingredients: Labello Glamorous Gloss Red Ruby has a dose of shea butter and vitamin E that work together to heighten moisture. Labello lip products keep your lips healthy even if you are just using them for added shine.

Features offers the following: tinted gloss (has a hint of colour), shine balm (gives a wet look to lips), matt balm (adds shine without looking wet), lip plumping gloss (enhances the collagen in lips while light reflecting pigments cause lips to look fuller), light balm (feather weight smoothing balm). In its care line, Labello carries a lip product for sensitive, damaged, dry and sun-exposed lips. In the cosmetic line, there is a medley of flavours such as fruit varieties, milk and honey and alpine.

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