Clarkia parasite cleanse

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The Clarkia parasite cleanse is an herbal formula based on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark, a naturopathic doctor who believed that all diseases were caused by parasites. The Clarkia formula is made up of black walnut hulls, cloves and wormwood, three strongly bitter and aromatic herbs with long histories of use in folk medicine. Clark has been ridiculed by many in the mainstream medical community but recently, scientific studies have begun to prove that these three herbs that make up the Clarkia formula do indeed have profound antiparasitic and other medicinal qualities


Dr. Hulda Clark is one of the most controversial figures in 20th century alternative medicine. She believed that all diseases stemmed from two causative factors: parasites and pollution. Her method is short and simple--avoid pollution and destroy the parasites. The Clarkia parasite cleanse is designed as a natural broad-spectrum antiparasitic formula that Clark claims can rid the body of over a hundred different types of parasites, including the ones responsible for cancer, HIV and a host of other illnesses.


Black walnut hulls are natural insect barriers that protect the precious walnut from all sorts of insect and microscopic invaders in nature. Wormwood, as the name implies, has quite the legendary reputation for expelling worms and other parasites. Cloves are a strongly aromatic spice traditionally used to preserve a variety of foods due to its ability to keep bacteria and insects at bay.


A study published in Experimental Parasitology in May 2008 tested two different species of wormwood against trichinellosis, an intestinal parasitic infection. They found that both species of wormwood were active against trichinellosis with high potential as an alternative for the benzimidazole derivatives that are usually employed. A study published in Phytotherapy Research in January 2006 tested the juice of unripe black walnut hulls against two common parasitic skin fungi. They found the juice of the black walnut hulls to be as effective as several commercial antifungal creams. A review of the properties of clove oil, published in Phytotherapy Research in March 2007, found it to be antimicrobial, antioxidant, antifungal and antiviral, and to possess anti-inflammatory, cytotoxic, insect-repellent and anesthetic properties.


Hulda Clark's theory holds that the three herbs that make up the parasite cleanse must be taken together to get the broad spectrum effect that enables it to wipe out the pathogens responsible for disease. She maintains that the black walnut and the wormwood kill the adult parasites, while the clove destroys the eggs. These three herbs are taken in different strengths and for different lengths of time, depending on the exact condition that is being treated.


It is not the claim that this herbal parasite cleanse destroys parasites that has caused much of the controversy around Hulda Clark's protocol. Clark's claim that all diseases are caused by parasites and that the herbal cleanse, along with other methods of eliminating parasites and pollution, can prevent and "cure" all diseases has not been verified by the scientific community.

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