Talking Bird Species

Updated April 17, 2017

Throughout history, talking birds have amazed the world with their speech capabilities. They not only have beautiful colours and long exotic feathers, the birds seem to answer and almost hold a conversation with humans. Almost from the time they hatch, these birds learn to imitate sounds and words from both their parents and people. The older they get, the more abundant their vocabulary becomes. Talking birds come in several species. These species can differ in both size and appearance. Some birds are known to develop larger vocabularies then others.


A macaw is considered one of the most beautiful talking bird species. To find one to purchase takes some searching, and they are expensive. Macaws are not easily trained, so teaching them to talk can be a difficult task. They are known for their playfulness and fun loving disposition. The blue and gold macaw is the most common of the species. They adapt well to whatever may surround them. The hyacinth is the largest of the macaw species but a rare find. For extremely beautiful colours, and ability to bond with others, the scarlet macaw is wise choice as a pet.


A parakeet is the most common species obtained as pets. These are the smallest of talking birds. Parakeets are very active and seldom will sit still in their cage. They are colourful and look elegance. It is commonly believed that all parakeets talk, but that is not true. You can take steps to encourage talking. If the parakeet does not want to speak it never will, regardless of your efforts. The male parakeet is easier to train then the female and is more likely to become a talking bird.

African Gray Parrot

The African grey parrot is a charming bird with a great disposition. An average lifespan for this parrot is approximately 40 years. They are the most talkative of all speaking birds, and have the largest vocabulary. These parrots must be kept active so they are not stressed. It is believed that this intelligent species has been kept as pets by humans for over 4,000 years. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, you will find images of these birds as pets. Ancient Greeks adored these parrots, and Romans kept them in beautifully decorated cages.


A cockatiel is a small talking bird that originated in Australia. Their average weight is 2 3/4 to 3 1/2 oz. and they measure 10 to 14 inches on average in length. Wild cockatiels are usually grey, but breeders have produced them in several colourful forms. They are very affectionate birds, and talk in a voice that has the tone of a whistle. The male of this species starts vocalising very early in its life, and usually winds up with a impressive vocabulary. A cockatiel's diet consists mostly of seeds, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh water should be given to them every day. These birds become dirty easily and must be bathed often. They make great pets and are inexpensive to purchase.

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