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Updated March 23, 2017

Government grants are financial assistance to communities, organisations, and individuals that present reasonable arguments for funding. From education to community development to low-income housing, government aid has for decades provided subsidies to improve the welfare of many American citizens. A growing population of single mothers has influenced the government grant program to begin offering homeowner assistance grants.

Getting started

Single mothers may or may not qualify for all available government grants, but it's important to cast a broad net when searching for mortgage grants. The best place to begin a grant search is at the government's grant website, This site lists all available grants, amount of funding available, and eligibility requirements.

Standard eligibility

Most single mothers obtain mortgage grant assistance by fulfilling one or more of the following conditions: first, single mothers must be unmarried, single, or divorced; second, if a second parent is imprisoned; and third, if a second parent is mentally or physically handicapped and unable to provide financial assistance. Similarly, single mothers must show a positive credit history in order to qualify for financial assistance.

Ineligibility criteria

Single mothers are not entitled to grant assistance if any of the following exist: if the child in question is being raised in a day care facility or by a surviving relative; if the single parent is entitled to federal pension funds; if a cohabiter is providing financial assistance for the child; and last, if the single mother is currently collecting disability funds. Evidence of foreclosure, bankruptcy, or even previous mortgage delinquency may disqualify some candidates.

Non-profit organisations

Going it alone when searching for single mother grants can be an overwhelming process. Instead, some single mothers use non-profit, women's-advocacy groups---like Planned Parenthood---to help secure funding for housing. These organisations not only have more influence in the federal government, they often have seasoned grant writers that will work to secure large amounts of money that's to be disbursed among a wide group of single mothers. In addition to housing and mortgage grants, these organisations can help with other forms of financial assistance.


Many single mothers research grants with the help of the website, This website is dedicated to providing up-to-date grants and research for single mothers and fathers. The website also provides human assistance and hotlines that single mothers can call to get more information.

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