Castor Oil for Mange in Cats

Updated November 21, 2016

Using castor oil to treat mange in cats is a common home remedy for the disorder but because of the nature of mange, you should consider using more conventional methods to treat your cat. There are several types of mange that can occur in cats, not all of which can be treated by pouring castor oil on the affected areas.


According to Home Remedy Reference Center, castor oil works well as a home remedy for getting rid of mites. Castor oil, a kind of vegetable oil, is a cheap solution and it works quickly. Using home remedies also saves you an expensive trip to your veterinarian. Watch out though, having a cat covered in castor oil running around your house can get a bit messy.


According to The Cat Health Guide, cat mange is a skin disorder caused by a mite infestation in the skin. If you notice that your cat its itching, has dandruff, hair loss or sores, she may have mange. To be sure, take her to your veterinarian who will examine a sample of your cat's skin under a microscope.

An irritated and inflamed ear canal could mean your cat has ear mites, the most common form of cat mange. Notoedric mange, also known as scabies or head mange, is the second most common type of cat mange. Hair loss, crusty skin, excessive itching and sores can all be symptoms of notoedric mange.


People often use home remedies to avoid a trip to the vet as well as paying for expensive medications; this is not advisable if your cat has mange. It is best to know exactly what kinds of mange are highly contagious, such as notoedric mange and a rare form of mange called cheyletiella, which could spread to you, your family or your other pets. Some kinds of mange, such as ear mites or a rare type called demodectic mange, can lead to a secondary bacterial or fungal infection that will require antibiotics.


Different types of mange are caused by different kinds of mites, not all of which can be cured using castor oil or some other kind of home remedy; certain types require specific medication or even a shot. You can still use home remedies to provide your cat with relief from some of the symptoms of mange, such as itching. If you are worried about the high coast of prescriptions, there are some over-the-counter treatments for mange like Revolution.


Always consult your veterinarian before starting any kind of treatment for your cat's mange, especially if she is pregnant or nursing. Remember, if you don't go to the vet to get your cats mange properly diagnosed, you might treat you cat for mange when she actually has something else and do more harm than good.

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