What Are the Causes of Excessive Drooling in Dogs?

Written by rena sherwood
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What Are the Causes of Excessive Drooling in Dogs?
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Excessive drooling is when a dog salivates far more than is common. Some breeds of dog, like the Bloodhound, are notorious for constantly drooling, but excessive drooling is not the same thing. Excessive drooling in a Bloodhound, for example, may mean that the neck and chest are wet and that the drool is foaming out instead of being clear. Excessive drooling in dogs is a sign to call the vet at once.

Digestive and Mouth Problems

According to "The Veterinarian's Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms," drooling is a common symptom of nausea. Usually a nauseous dog also licks its lips, belches and cringes. Broken teeth or mouth sores are another reason dogs can excessively drool. The dog will also have foul breath, may paw at the mouth and eat with the head tilted to one side.


Dogs will often drool when they have accidentally eaten poison or have had an insect sting them in the mouth. Other signs that may indicate poisoning include breathing problems, coordination difficulties, hives, vomiting and diarrhoea. Take the dog to the vet immediately or call an animal poison control hotline.

Rare Conditions

If the dog is drooling and has great difficulty in eating and drinking, this may be a symptom of a damaged trigeminal nerve. The dog will not be able to close its mouth. The dog may also have difficulty moving other facial muscles like the eyelids. This can be caused by injury or a tumour. Elevate the food and water dishes to help the dog eat and serve wet foods only. This also calls for a trip to the vet.


Excessive drooling in dogs does not mean that they are rabid. One of the reasons, however, for excessive drooling can be rabies. Even dogs that are up to date with their rabies shots may still catch it. If there is any chance that your dog has rabies, take the dog to the vet immediately for revaccination. Rabid dogs drool because their mouth muscles have been paralysed.


Always check to see what other symptoms the dog may have before contacting the vet about excessive drooling. These other symptoms will help the vet in diagnosing why the dog is suddenly drooling so much. According to vet Dr. Douglas Brum, however, the dog may still need other diagnostic tests done, such as complete blood tests and X-rays.

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