Job description for a nightclub security guard

Updated April 17, 2017

A nightclub security guard patrols his venue, serving as gatekeeper to all who enter. He is employed to screen out minors, intoxicated individuals and any other person undesirable to his managers. He typically reports directly to the general manager of the venue. He is sometimes referred to as a bouncer. This role is sometimes used to gain entry-level experience when building a career within the bodyguard industry. The role is open to women and men.

Job Responsibilities

A nightclub security guard is responsible for the safety and security of customers at a venue. She patrols the nightclub to preserve order among patrons and protect the property. She may mingle with customers to prevent and detect improper activities. She is responsible for defusing altercations before they become uncontrollable. She has the authority to tactfully evict patrons from the premises if they are behaving in a disorderly way. She may do so using force, if necessary. She serves as liaison between the venue and local law enforcement officers. She also confers nightly with the manager or the owner of the venue, reporting any incidents or accidents that may have occurred in or near the facility.

Job Opportunities

Nightclub security guards can be found in nightclubs, bars and lounges. Additionally, they may find employment in casinos, theatres and concert venues. Nightclub security guards typically work during the third shift, though on weekends they may work during the day. These roles are typically acquired by applying directly to the venue or company.

Qualitative Requirements

Nightclub security guards should possess exceptional interpersonal skills, as they serve as the face of the venue, interacting with customers of all types at all times. Additionally, they should be physically fit, as they are required to stand for long periods. They should also be open to working unconventional hours. The role of a nightclub security guard can be dangerous. The successful candidate should be aware of the risks particular to an environment.

Educational Requirements

The successful candidate should have a high school diploma. He should also have current CPR certification. Two years or more of relevant profession experience is strongly desired. Theoretical and practical experience within law enforcement or military is a plus.

Average Compensation

According to, the average security guard working in the United States in 2009 earns an annual base salary of £19,336.

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