Sinutab Side Effects

The decongestant and analgesic combination that is found in Sinutab works to narrow your blood vessels; ultimately, clearing your sinuses. Once your sinus pressure is relieved, the headache that is associated with the condition usually subsides. Although the use of medications such as Sinutab often spells relief, there are serious side effects that can occur when the drugs are taken over an extended period of time or in excess.

What is Sinutab?

Sinutab is an over the counter medication that contains the active ingredients acetaminophen and phenylephrine. According to, the medication is available in capsule form as well as in coated caplets. Recommended uses for Sinutab include the temporary relief of allergies, and the treatment of symptoms associated with the common cold such as nasal congestion, pain and fever.

The Liver

If you take Sinutab, it is important to note that the acetaminophen that is contained in the drug can cause liver damage. Exceeding 12 caplets within a 24 hour time frame or taking Sinutab in combination with other drugs that contain acetaminophen can cause liver damage. Alcohol use is also discouraged while taking Sinutab. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration reports that taking acetaminophen as recommended is considered safe. However, taking too much can cause liver abnormalities or liver failure.


Sinutab may cause you to experience feelings of nervousness and irregular heartbeat. You may also feel over excited, and have trouble falling asleep. attributes these reactions to the active ingredient phenylephrine in the Sinutab medication. Feelings of anxiety and shortness of breath can also result after taking Sinutab, as well as extreme changes in behaviour.

Stomach Upset

RxList reports that the acetaminophen and phenylephrine combination that is found in Sinutab may upset your stomach, making you feel a bit queasy. In most cases, the condition is usually mild. As a result of the nausea, vomiting may also occur. Abdominal pain is also a side effect, as well as a yellowing that can affect the eyes and skin.

Rare Side Effects

According to the Iowa Clinic, the use of Sinutab can invoke rare side effects that should be shared with your doctor. Tarry stools, bloody stools or the presence of blood in your urine are all side effects of Sinutab that require a call to your physician's office. Also, weakness, extreme tiredness, easy bruising, hives and muscle aches that are associated with the use of Sinutab should also be addressed.

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