Single parent grants for housing

Updated November 21, 2016

There is a lot of misinformation about government grants online. One often-touted grant program is housing assistance for single parents. While there is housing assistance available for low-income households and possibly grants through local or private vendors, there is not an actual government grant for single parents.


Many websites and articles lure in single parents with the promise of hundreds or even thousands of grant programs available to them. These websites generally link to pages with more links and affiliate programs that make the site owner money but don't bring the struggling single parent any closer to their home ownership goal.

Unfortunately, these websites are capitalising on the very real financial problems single parents face. They know single parents are overworked and need help, but don't actually offer a solution.

Where to Find Grants

The federal government does not provide housing grants to single parents, but other organisations might. State and local governments might have grant programs that help single parents. Information about those grant programs is available on their respective websites. Churches and non-profit organisations often have funds available for housing for single parents and this may include grants.

HUD Vouchers

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development administers the Housing Choice Voucher program to individuals and families that are very low-income and this could include single parent families. The program allows the recipients to chose their own housing as long as it meets the requirements for health and safety set by the program. The amount covered by the vouchers is based on family size and a set rate for housing in the area, recipients must pay any rent beyond that amount.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity will build houses for those with financial need, a willingness to participate with Habitat for Humanity and the ability to pay back the loan on the house. Habitat for Humanity is able to make low income families homeowners because of the labour provided by volunteers, donations by partner organisations and the no-interest terms of the home loan. Single parents who think they may qualify should contact their local Habitat affiliate.

House Sharing

House sharing can not only help pay the rent, but allow single parents to feel less alone by renting with other single parents. There are websites such as CoAbode that have made it easy to find a single parent roommate to fit anyone's needs. Single parents who share a home can help each other with housing, food and childcare costs as well as provide a shoulder to lean on when times get tough.

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