Army Teaching Jobs

Updated July 19, 2017

Teachers in the Army can either be civilian or military, depending on availability of Army instructors and subject matter being taught. There are a number of different subjects taught by Army and civilian instructors, which include warfare, military history and tactics as well as core subjects such as English, science, math and political science. If a civilian were to teach for the Army, she would have to obtain a teaching certification at the civilian level and go through extensive background checks. For Army instructors, knowledge in the subject matter is sufficient; the majority of Army instructors are the rank E-5 or above.


Veteran officers will teach at the university level either in an ROTC environment or secondary training for beginning officers. Due to the nature of the subject matter being taught at ROTC or secondary training schools such as war colleges or OCS (Officer Candidate School), civilians are rarely asked to teach or instruct at these schools unless they are a veteran with commendable service. The subject matter includes war training, military science, weapons training and foreign and domestic terrorism.

Technical Schools

After Army boot camp, soldiers are sent to technical schools in the field of their choosing upon enlistment. There are various technical schools located across the country. They range from tank commandeering to administrative assistant. These schools are taught by sergeants or above. The curriculum for all technical schools are designed by the Army. Enlisted teachers for these technical schools are not required to have teaching certificates.

Developmental Teaching

There are schools designed for instructors to teach soldiers who are below average in their academics. Subjects taught in this remedial school are basic core classes such as English, history, science and math. These classes are taught to enhance the soldiers' aptitude scores on battery tests they take throughout the course of their enlistment. The commander of the unit can send students to this school if they are below average in their technical school or field training. These remedial schools are often located on the base where the soldier is stationed. Primarily, civilian teachers take control of the curriculum.

Etiquette and Manners

For many officers, eating with top officials from around the world is normal. Etiquette courses are taught on a special basis for officers and enlisted alike to learn when to be seated, where to be seated and eating with what utensils. They also learn what's appropriate to do should certain situations arise. These courses are taught by veterans or teachers with experience in etiquette and world manners. To teach a class like this, instructors must have certification to teach and experience in overseas affairs.


Bearings is a class that is taught by active enlisted personnel. Those going to bearings are troubled soldiers who have lost their military bearing upon entering the field. It is set up much like boot camp, but class size is much smaller and there is more personal instruction. Bearings instructors are the equivalent to guidance counsellors at schools. Instructors that teach bearings must have a good service record and be recommended by officers and peers.

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