Plastic Decorative Columns

Updated February 21, 2017

You may think of columns as part of massive construction, the facade of large institutions such as banks and government agencies. Columns may line the inside of cathedrals and mansions supporting the weight of the huge buildings. Columns can also enhance the interior of homes, compliment a wedding event, show, or banquet. Plastic decorative columns are easy to manoeuvre and they add grandeur to any situation.


Decorative columns are made of plastic and weigh less than 9.07 Kilogram for easy transport and set-up. They range in height from approximately 14 inches to 10 feet. Pedestals are wide enough to keep the column from falling, so they can stand alone. Tops may have mirrored finishes for added detail.


Companies sell columns according to the historical design. Tuscan columns are Roman in design with a plain, smooth surface. Corinthian columns are Greek design and intricately carved. The Ionic column is Greek in design and elegant with carvings and a slim shaft. The Doric style is Greek and has twenty flutes, yet a simple shaft. You can also purchase columns by the shape. There are round tapered columns, round non-tapered columns, square tapered columns, and square non-tapered columns.


Columns can stand alone or connect to create an arbor or gazebo for a focal point. You can use them to define two separate areas in one space, such as a division between a living room space and a dining room space. Decorative columns against a wall adds dimension and creates a focal point for a room.


Plastic columns work well in rentals because they are a temporary fixture you can take with you. They are also functional for parties, events, and weddings because they come in parts for easy transport. In your home, they can be a temporary decor. Use them on the patio for a romantic evening or for a small gathering.


When purchasing plastic decorative columns, consider designing your own columns. Choose the height of the column. Choose whether you want a tapered or non-tapered column. Decide if you want a square or round column. Choose a standard base and cap or decorative base and cap. Add extensions for taller columns.

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