Positive effects of immigration

Updated April 17, 2017

The United States, made up almost completely of immigrants or descendants of immigrants, may provide the best example of the benefits of immigration to the immigrant and the recipient nation. From providing valuable cultural exchanges to spurring the economy, worldwide immigration has been a blessing in many ways.

Cultural Exchange

Immigration can lead to an exchange of values, knowledge, expertise and perspectives. Because of immigration, people are exposed to diverse languages and cultures that are different from their own, adding to the richness of any given society.

The Economy

Whether immigrants make up the brains behind research and technological development or help meet a country's demand for labour, they are often seen as a boon to the economy of the recipient nation. Many immigrants represent the most intelligent, hard-working and ambitious people of their native countries. Allowing them to bring their talents and skills to another country can be enriching for immigrants and the recipient nation. In addition, immigrants add to the country's consumer base, helping the economy.

Fighting Poverty

While some believe that the jobs and wealth of a country are its own private property, others believe immigration is a key to opening the global market and spreading wealth into less-developed countries. Thus, immigration can be viewed as a valuable tool in combating world poverty.

Keeping it Legal

Allowing for a steady flow of legal immigration minimises the incentive for illegal immigration. By reducing or cutting off the flow of legal immigration, illegal immigration becomes more commonplace, leading to a range of problems from creating a drain on taxpayer services to an increase in crime rates.

Positive Image

A welcoming nation that allows for reasonable immigration and treats immigrants fairly will more likely be known for such virtues and respected throughout the world.

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