How long does extagen last?

Updated February 15, 2018

Men often feel insecure about penile size. They worry that they don't measure up in comparison to other men. They think they won't be able to please their partners with what nature has given them. Extagen is a male enhancement product that claims to increase penis size.


Extagen is a blend of herbs that, according to its manufacturer, has the ability to increase penis size. According to the manufacturer, Extagen is made in a world-class facility that has been approved by the FDA. However, this doesn't translate into FDA approval of the product itself.


According to the makers of Extagen, the ingredients in the tablets are used to increase the flow of blood to the chambers of the penis that regulate erections. They claim that the size of the penis is based on the amount of blood held in these chambers, which are referred to as corpora cavernosa. With more blood flow, a man may experience an increase in penis size.

Time Frame

The makers of Extagen tablets claim that users should see results beginning within the first 2 to 5 weeks of use. However, they claim that it takes 6 full months in order to see the best results possible. They even offer a refund for anyone who is not fully satisfied with the product. However, they do not state how long the effects of the product last.


According to the makers of Extagen, these male enhancement tablets are safe for use. They are said to contain natural extracts and herbs that safely increase blood flow to the penis when a man is aroused. The product does not contain such things as yeast, animal products, wheat, milk or artificial colours and flavours. As such, its makers claim that it is both hypoallergenic and friendly to vegetarians. However, the tablets do contain yohimbe extract, and the makers state that it is best to talk to a physician before using the tablets if you have high blood pressure or another serious health issue. Extagen's other ingredients include L-arginine, maca extract, nettle and three types of ginseng. It also contains catuaba, zinc salt of gluconic acid and muira puama.


According to the makers of Extagen, there are no known harmful side effects of this treatment. However, there have been some reports of upset stomach and diarrhoea following use. The manufacturers assert that these side effects are more likely to occur in those who have experienced previous sensitivity to herbal supplements. The FDA does not have an approval process for supplements, so the agency does not get involved with such products unless they have been found unsafe following production (see Resources below).

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