What Is the Most Powerful Pokemon Card?

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What Is the Most Powerful Pokemon Card?
((c) Lynda Bernhardt)

Many people wonder which Pokémon card is the most powerful. Most people would agree that the Charizard is the most powerful Pokémon card in the deck. The Charizard is a fire-flying type Pokémon that is large, can fly at fast speeds, and can attack with fire when angered. The Charizard has 16 moves but is limited to two moves per card.


Pokémon cards were originally printed in Japanese. The card game was so popular that it was printed in other languages. Charizard was among the original Pokémon cards when the game was first created. Charizard was considered the most powerful Pokémon card when the game first came out, and it has remained the most powerful Pokémon card ever since. For this reason, the Charizard EX 105 commands a price of over £65.


The Charizard is a fire-flying type Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Charmander and Charmeleon. Charizard originates from the Kanto Region. Charizard was one of the three starter Pokémon, so most people who have been playing the Pokémon card game from the very beginning are fortunate enough to own one of these cards. In the Pokémon cartoon, Ash caught a Charizard as a Charmander, and it evolved into a Charizard.


The Charizard is a powerful Pokémon card for a number of reasons. Charizard is large, muscular and powerful. Even though he weighs almost 90.7kg., he flies at very fast speeds. As a fire-flying type Pokémon, he has large flames when angered, breathes fire, and has a large flame on the tip of his tail. His fiery breath is one of the attacks and can melt almost anything, even steel and large glaciers.


Because the Pokémon cards are printed, the Charizard on a Pokémon card is limited in the types of moves that it can use. The types of moves that a Charizard can learn naturally are air slash, dragon claw, dragon rage, ember, fire fang, fire spin, flame-thrower, flare blitz, growl, heatwave, scary face, scratch, shadow claw, slash, smokescreen and wing attack. However, the Charizard is limited to two moves on each card.


Other Pokémon cards try to vie for the position of most powerful. The leading contenders are Arceus, who is the god of all Pokémon and born before the universe was even created. Also in the running are Mew, who is thought to be linked to all other Pokémon and has the ability to learn the moves of other Pokémon. Mew Two is a clone of Mew, so it has the same powers.

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