Ideas for an Italian Party

Italian theme

Send red, green and white party invitations with "Buona Sera!" announcing a party with an Italian flair. Ask guests to come dressed in red, green and white; or as Italian characters from history. Knowing the theme, they will look forward to a lively gathering, colourful decorations, entertaining games, Italian opera in the background and delicious Italian cuisine.



Purchase Italian-themed decorations such as little flags, banners to hang around the room, red-and-white paper gingham table cloths and coordinated eating supplies that include plates and napkins. Set out bottles of Chianti wine (some empty with burning candles inserted in them) and wine goblets on one end of a buffet table or separately on small tables for sit-down dining. Hang Italian travel posters on the walls or prints of paintings by famous Italian artists.

Italian cuisine

Italian chef

Italian food for the party can include a variety of pizza, spaghetti and meatballs, lasagne and stuffed shells as well as a few trays of Italian appetizers and antipasto. Have different flavoured breadsticks in Italian-themed containers for guests to eat with their meal. For dessert try Italian gelato cups, tartufo, spumoni or biscotti cookies dipped in chocolate. Accompany with cappuccino or espresso.


Get laughs from your guests by playing trivia games with Italian phrases, famous people from Italian history or Italian food. Play CDs of Italian opera, folk songs or love songs sung by Dean Martin. Hang a map of Italy on the wall, blindfold guests and play "pin the heel" on the map.

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