Prom Decoration Ideas

Prom is one of the many highlights of senior year. To organise such a memorable event, a social committee must get together to plan and prepare a night that high school seniors will never forget. There are many difficult decisions to be made by the prom decorating committee including location, budget and theme.

But, the memory of preparing for prom is just as good as prom night itself.

Select a Theme

Schedule a few brainstorming sessions to come up with some theme ideas for prom. Or, have the student body vote on a theme. There are many possibilities for themes but the chosen theme must be approved by the school's administration. The committee must then decide on how to decorate the venue according to the chosen theme.


Designate a few of the students in the committee to handle the meetings then organise subcommittees. There needs to be someone in charge of conducting meetings, handling the budget money, taking notes and a communications person to inform the school's administration of the team's progress. There should also be team leaders for the subcommittees. These committees should include recruitment of volunteers to set up and ticket sales. The person who is taking notes should maintain a permanent folder with a running list of supplies that are needed. Once it is finalised, students should break the list down so that they can start to purchase decorations.

Purchase/Build Decorations

If at all possible, see if there are any members of the committee that have access to props that can be borrowed. Ask the drama teacher if there are any props that can be used for the event. Ask the shop class if they can build certain structures for you. Then, start down the list to see which items can be rented. Make calls to vendors that provide prom supplies. Compare your finalised item list to the school's budget. Make cuts if needed. Purchase the items in advance.

Set It Up

Prepare a calendar of which days will be set aside for decorating the venue. Make sure that one person isn't setting up everything. Alternate work schedules so that everyone helps out a little. Organise this schedule to work on a particular section of the decorating such as setting up the tables with clothes and party favours.

Prepare a Ticket Booth for Sales

Present a glimpse in to what the decorations will look like by creating a booth that represents the theme. Use the theme when you make the tickets as well.

Enjoy the Night

After the decorations are all set up, sit back and watch as the seniors enter the room. Watch as they gaze upon all the hard work that has been put into making this night a once in a lifetime event.