Detailed Instructions for Mounting a Floating Corner Shelf

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A floating corner shelf wraps around a corner to give you shelf storage that runs from one wall, around the corner and onto another wall. Floating corner shelf installation requires precise cutting, because all of the brackets and supports that hold the shelf up remain hidden behind the shelf. When you mount a floating corner shelf, you have a design that matches any decor and allows you a stylish alternative to store your belongings.

Mount the Support

Cut 2-inch by 4-inch boards to the length that you want your floating corner shelf to be. Mount the boards on the wall in the location where you want to install a floating corner shelf. Use a level to make sure each board is level on the wall. To secure the board, drill screws through the boards and into the studs in the wall.

Cut the Shelf Pieces

Take a wood sheet and cut strips that will be the front and the sides of your floating corner shelf. Each front piece will run the same length as the 2-by-4 and will be 4 inches tall. Each side piece will be 4 inches tall and the same length as the depth of your shelf. For example, if your shelf is 6 inches deep, your side pieces will be 4 inches tall and 6 inches long. Measure the length of your top and bottom pieces, which will run the length of your 2 by 4. Cut the top and bottom pieces to the appropriate length. Because it's a corner shelf, you'll have two top pieces and two bottom pieces for each shelf. Cut the top pieces and the bottom pieces at a 45-degree angle on the interior side so the pieces sit flush up against each other at the corner of the wall.

Assemble and Install the Shelf

Attach the bottom pieces to your 2-by-4, already mounted to the wall. Secure the piece onto the board by drilling through your wood and into the board mounted on the wall. Continue your floating corner shelf installation by mounting the top pieces the same way. Slide your side and front pieces into their appropriate location and secure them by nailing through the top and bottom pieces and into your front and side pieces. Use wood putty to fill in any nail holes or to cover any imperfections in the wood. Paint or stain your floating corner shelves to match your existing decor

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