How to Grout Pavers

Pavers are small blocks or tiles used to decorate a paved area, such as a patio or walkway. They are set in mortar, but they aren't set right next to each other. Grout is added between each paver to add strength to the entire patch. Correctly grouting pavers requires prepping the set pavers, adding the grout and cleaning up any excess.

Take out any spacers from between the pavers once the mortar is dry.

Apply grout release to the tops of each of the pavers. Follow the product's instructions, which will most likely call for wiping it on with a brush or sponge. Grout release protects absorbent pavers from staining that can occur when you apply grout, and it will come off when you clean up excess grout later on.

Let the grout release dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will take at least half an hour.

Mix the grout according to manufacturer instructions.

Spread the grout over the pavers and push it firmly into the spaces between them.

Wait a few minutes for the grout to start to dry. PaverSearch recommends 10 minutes.

Dampen a clean sponge and start wiping down the tiles to remove extra grout and the grout release. Clean up excess water with clean rags or paper towels.

Run the sponge along the grout lines lightly to create shallow U-shaped depressions between the pavers if desired.

Wait at least two days for the grout to dry fully.

Wash the area with water and a mop, and let it dry.

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