Can You Paint on Top of Laminate Tiles?

If you have laminate flooring, you might have wondered what could be done to improve or change the appearance of your older laminate floors. Painting might seem like a good option. However, painting laminate floors is not advisable or recommended by any flooring professional. Instead, there are other viable options for improving the appearance of your laminate floor.

Problems with Paint

Painting laminate tiles is highly discouraged by laminate manufacturers and do-it-yourself experts. Painting is a problem because of the way laminate tiles are created. Laminate tiles are designed to produce a smooth surface that resists chips, dirt and scratches. What this also means is that the floor will also reject most kinds of paint as well. Paint applied to laminate flooring will soon chip and peel away from the laminate surface. Your surface will become uglier than the one you started with. There is a small possibility, however, that some kinds of paint will stick to the floor.

Painting Procedure

If you feel like you have no other option than to paint your laminate floor, you might have success with oil-based paints. Oil paints will adhere better to the laminate coating on the floor. Make sure to use a good primer. A primer designed for plastic or resin materials will also work well on laminate. What you are trying to achieve is a new surface that will combat some of the slickness of the laminate. Wait two days before applying the top coat of oil paint. Allow it to dry for one to two days. After the paint has dried, add a urethane sealer over the paint. The sealer protects the paint from scuffing and will reduce the possibility of replacement.

Alternatives to Paint

Since painting a laminate floor is not recommended, what are your options? Most laminate manufacturers make coloured correction pens that match the stain of their laminate tiles. The correcting pen can be applied to any scratches or chips in the laminate floor to make them less noticeable.

Frequent washing of the floor will also help improve its overall appearance.

In extreme circumstances, you also have the option to replace ruined tiles with new ones. New tiles are usually glued into place after the removal of the old tile.

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