DIY Bath Mirror Framing Systems

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Add a frame to a boring bathroom mirror to give it a touch of elegance. Various companies sell mirror framing kits. Learn your options and find out how to transform your bathroom mirror in an afternoon.


There are various mirror framing kits available from several different companies. Before you look for a kit, measure your mirror so you can determine the correct cost. Consider your budget, the look you want to create and the time commitment you have. Look at the space you have around your mirror and check to see that the frame will fit. Some companies will make mirror frames custom designed to fit your mirror. Others sell prefabricated corner and side pieces to create a custom look on a low budget. With a prefabricated kit, you can probably purchase and install it the same day. A custom frame may take some time to arrive before you can install it.


Before installing your new mirror frame, you may need to replace the hardware that holds it in place. A frame will not be able to sit flat against a mirror if there are bulky clips holding it in place. Some kits come with new, smaller mirror clips. You can purchase smaller clips at a home improvement store as well. Attach the clips before removing the old clips so the mirror stays in place as you work.

If you purchased a prefabricated frame kit, you will need to cut it to fit your mirror before installation. Kits with corner covers will hide a cut so you don't need to worry about joining the corners perfectly. Measure carefully and cut all the edges before installing the mirror.

If you ordered a custom made frame kit, you will need to assemble it before hanging it. Using glue and corner joining hardware, assemble the mirror according to the manufacturers instructions. It is best to do this on a flat, smooth surface that will not scratch the frame as you work.

Frame kits are usually hung with glue or adhesive tape so you do not need to fill nail holes or paint the frame once it is hung. It is helpful to have another person to help you hang the frame, especially if it is large. They can help you steady the frame and keep it level as you hang it on the mirror.

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