Change Promax Mountain Bike Brake Pads

Promax is a brand of high-quality bicycle brakes. All types of brakes use pad systems to provide the friction required to stop or slow the turning of the wheels. Brake pads will wear out over time. Changing brake pads will breathe new life into your brakes and provide the stopping power needed to keep you safe on any bike you are riding. Changing the Promax brake pads is quite easy; you can do it with just a few tools and a little bit of time.

Disc Brake Pads

Disc brake pads are the most difficult brake pads to replace. Pull the wheel from the mounting brackets to expose the brake pads in the calipers. Use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to reach inside the caliper and pull the tab of the brake pad away from the magnetised piston. Pull each brake pad out and then slide the new brake pads in their stead. The brake pads will connect automatically due to the magnetised pistons and will snap in place. Replace the wheel in the mounting brackets, and then test the brake's tightness.

V-Brake Pads

V-brakes are one of the most common types of brakes on mountain bikes today. Replacing V-brakes is fairly easy as the pads are in cartridges that simply need to be swapped out. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the mounting bolt on the back of a brake pad and then slide the cartridge out of the brake arm. Repeat the process for the other brake arm and then insert the new V-brake cartridges. Pull the brakes and see how the brake pad is hitting the edge of the rim. Make sure the pad is flat against the rim and not touching the tire.

Hydraulic Brake Pads

Hydraulic Promax brakes are powerful. Rather than using cables to actuate the brakes, hydraulic fluid is used as the actuating factor. This provides more power per lever pull than cable-actuated brakes. To change the Promax brake pads on a set of hydraulic brakes, the process is similar to that of a set of V-brakes. Use an Allen wrench to loosen the set screw on the back of the brake pad cartridge and slide the pad out of the cartridge. Slide a new brake pad in the cartridge and tighten the set screw. Repeat the process for each brake pad that needs replacement.

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