Home Remedy to Kill Mosquito Larvae

Mosquitos are annoying blood sucking insects that can turn the great outdoors into a miserable place. Mosquitos are attracted to perspiration, warmth, body odour and carbon dioxide, making humans the perfect beacon for those flying pests. The best way to combat the mosquito problem in your yard is killing them before they hatch.

Home Treatments

Garlic oil is an effective home remedy to kill mosquito larvae. To get garlic oil, blend two to four garlic bulbs in a kitchen builder. Strain out any solids. Add the liquid to one gallon of water and mix thoroughly. Pour the garlic oil-water mixture directly onto the mosquito larvae. You can also pour the garlic oil-water mixture into a garden sprayer and spray a fine mist over your outside plants. This will help repel mosquito larvae.

Pouring unfiltered apple cider vinegar into the water that is infested with mosquito larvae will reduce the number of larvae. The concentration ratio of vinegar to water has to be at least 15% to 85%.

Another home remedy for killing mosquito larvae is pouring vegetable oil directly into the water. The oil works by putting a film over the top layer of water, which prevents the larvae from breathing.


Mosquito larvae can only live in standing water, so pouring out any standing water will reduce the numbers of mosquitos that you have in your yard. Check for standing water in old tires, bottles, clogged gutters, buckets and cans. Pour out any and all standing water that you find.

If you have a pond that is becoming infested with mosquito larvae, visit your local pet store and purchase goldfish to put in your pond. Goldfish, along with guppies and mosquito fish, eat the larvae of the mosquito and can have a profound effect on your mosquito population. Tadpoles also eat the mosquito larvae and can be added to your pond, and when they become frogs, they will eat the mosquitoes.

Bird bath water needs to be changed at least once a week to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching. After dumping the water, take the time to wipe the inside of the birdbath down with soapy water and rinse clean.

Installing bat houses or nesting sites for the purple martins will help keep your mosquito population in check.

Purchase Mosquito Dunks and add them to your standing water. Mosquito Dunks look like small doughnuts and are effective at killing the larvae for 30 days. They consist of bacteria known as Bti israeliensis and is only deadly to mosquito and black fly larvae. The dunks are not harmful to humans, pets, fish or wildlife.

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