The Best Way to Pack Clothes Wrinkle Free in a Backpack

Your wardrobe is limited while travelling, particularly if you travel with a backpack. Because of the space limitations, it's important to keep the clothes you can carry in good condition. One of the hardest tasks to accomplish is transporting your clothes without wrinkles. With a few simple strategies, you can maintain a wrinkle-free wardrobe, even while on the road with a backpack.

Plastic Bags

One of the best ways to keep clothes wrinkle free is to travel with them stored in plastic bags, such dry-cleaner bags. This will eliminate friction between clothing and will keep your folding from undoing itself. The reduction in friction will also help make the process of loading and unloading your backpack simpler.

Pack Tightly

Keep your packing tight, but not stuffed. Have everything in a position where it will not shift. Keep bulkier clothing, such as jackets, at the bottom of your backpack and use balled-up socks to fill holes that your clothes might shift into.

Stack and Fold

For button-up shirts or T-shirts, stack a few in a neat pile, then fold all the shirts together. The shirts folded into the centre of the mass are less likely to come unfolded in your backpack.


Rolling clothes is especially useful for trousers. Simply fold them in half, then roll them up from the bottom. Rolled clothes are easily stacked and are very unlikely to wrinkle. For shirts, first fold in half down the middle, then fold in the sleeves. Roll shirts from the top to keep the sleeves bunched in toward the centre of the roll.


Packing your backpack correctly can both balance your load and ensure that items inside won't unfold themselves. Try to pack with your heaviest items, such as jackets or jeans, low and toward your back. This will keep your clothing closer to your centre of gravity, while also preventing the other items in your backpack from shifting.

Backpack Type

The type of backpack you use can also have a bearing on the clothing you pack. A soft-side backpack without much structure is more likely to get twisted and contorted, doing the same to the clothes you are carrying with you. Using a stiffer travelling rucksack or a hiking backpack with an internal metal frame can help you carry more weight more comfortably, and will also keep your load from shifting as much. Choosing a backpack with compression straps can be especially important, since cinching the straps down will help keep your gear compact and firmly packed inside your backpack.

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