LCD Scratch Removal

Unlike glass, which most screens are made of, LCD screens are made of a thin, plasticlike material. LCDs are known for their high-definition quality, but they have sensitive surfaces that can scratch easily if they are not handled with care. Try one of these tips to remove a blemish on your screen.


The oils in vaseline have the closest density match with an LCD screen. Wipe off dirt or stains on your screen with a dry cloth. Take a half-dime size amount of vaseline and gently apply on the scratch. Wipe off excess vaseline with the same cloth. The scratch will blend in with the surface once the vaseline dries. It is a safe method that is also the least expensive.


Displex is a gel substance that can be applied to problem areas on your LCD screen. Its tiny tubing makes it easy to store near your electronic appliance for future use. Apply Displex on the scratch. Gently rub the substance into the surface for approximately three minutes. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth. Repeat this step for deeper scratches. Allow to dry before turning on and using your television. Do not touch the area until it has dried completely.

Microfiber Cloth

This method requires nothing more than the cloth itself and some good rubbing action. Purchase a microfiber cloth from your local hardware or electronic store. The microfibers in these cloths buff out scratches on many surfaces. Every day for five minutes, gently rub the cloth on the scratch, Over time, you will notice the scratch reduce in size. Continue this process until the scratch completely disappears.


If all else fails, research your buyer's manual. Check to see if you have a warranty that will repair or replace damaged products. If so, a technician will come and repair the scratch. The technician may also replace your scratched screen with a new one. If a scratch cannot be repaired, you may be eligible to have the entire device replaced. Call a customer service representative for more details.

Let it be

In a worst case scenario, leave it alone. The scratch will not be visible unless you are viewing an all-white screen for a long period of time.