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Homemade Crabgrass Killer

Updated April 17, 2017

Crabgrass isn't grass at all. It's a weed, and it will choke the life out of your lawn and garden. Weeds are notoriously resilient, and while many weed-control products are on the market, some are expensive and not all are effective. Lawn lovers in Florida, where crab grass is common, report successfully eradicating the weed with sodium bicarbonate and a simple applicator you'll find in your underwear drawer.

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Make Your Applicator

Select an old sock or a nylon, then pour baking soda into it. The amount of baking soda you'll need depends on the size of the patch you're trying to kill. More is not necessarily better; you just want enough to coat the leaves.

Prime The Weeds

Prepare the weeds for your application by misting them with a garden hose. If your community has watering restrictions, just wait until early morning to apply the baking soda; dew and humidity probably will be enough to get the powder to stick.

Sprinkle The Baking Soda

Lean over the crabgrass and tap the baking soda out of the sock. Strike it with your hand and let the dust settle on the leaves. Coat the entire patch and wait a day or two. The crabgrass should turn black and die.

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About the Author

John Zaremba began writing professionally in 1997. He has worked at some of the country's finest small daily newspapers, including "The Beacon News" and "The Patriot Ledger." Zaremba is a graduate of the University of Illinois.

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