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How to prepare the ground for a greenhouse

Updated April 17, 2017

One of the first steps when building a greenhouse is preparing the site. Choosing the appropriate spot is essential for producing a good crop. Just as important is the ground preparation. The land on which the greenhouse stands needs to be level and should have the appropriate type of flooring laid down. Although preparing the ground can take some work, it is well worth the effort.

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  1. Choose a place that receives a lot of sunlight. Sunlight is essential to producing a quality crop. If you are concerned about your greenhouse becoming too hot, place it in a location that receives partial shade in the afternoon. Choose a location that is free of trees or any other potential hazards that could fall down on the greenhouse.

  2. Remove any sticks, stones, gravel, rocks or other debris from the site. Use a rake to thoroughly inspect the area for any undesirable objects. You must place the greenhouse on ground that is clean and free of all debris.

  3. Check with local utility companies to ensure no underground wires or pipes run under or near your potential site. Avoid placing the greenhouse too close to buried cable or other underground utilities.

  4. Choose an area that is as level as possible. Although the location doesn't have to be perfectly level, choose a site that doesn't have an obvious slope. If this cannot be prevented, you may need to add soil with heavy machinery. Since this can be a dangerous and difficult process, it is best to hire professionals for this job.

  5. Place black nylon weed barrier on the ground site. The nylon will prevent vegetation from growing.

  6. Tip

    Some greenhouses come with their own flooring while others require you to provide the foundation. Treated timber placed on top of pea gravel is typically a good choice, as the wood blocks vegetation from growing and usually attaches to the greenhouse walls, and the pea gravel provides drainage. Avoid using bricks or concrete, as they can harbour mould and disease.

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Things You'll Need

  • Rake
  • Black nylon weed barrier

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