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Homemade Ground Bait to Use for Carp Fishing

Updated February 21, 2017

Carp are large fish that put up an excellent fight when hooked, making them a favourite of anglers. Carp feed on old mixtures of human food. Since carp are active feeders, anglers should base their attempts to catch carp on that knowledge. An effective method is to lay out a large amount of bait in the water, including some bait on hooks. This requires a large amount of bait. While bait can be purchased, it can be made inexpensively with the right materials.

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Pellets through Maggot Riddle

For anglers who prefer to scatter ground bait across the water, commercial pellets provide a ground-bait option that requires little effort. Fill a bait box with about four pints of hard fishing pellets. Boil water and carefully pour into the bait box until the pellets are covered and floating. Leave the bait box, covered with cling film, overnight, allowing the pellets to marinate and breakdown. When you open the bait box, you will have a cake of soaked pellets. Drain this mash through a strainer and the result is ground bait that can be cast upon the water.

Dog and Cat Food

Carp are drawn to smelly bait. The scent of wet dog and cat food fulfils that need, but the consistency of dog and cat food needs to be modified before it can be used as bait. Otherwise, it will dissolve when immersed. After draining the dog and cat food, let this mixture dry out until it is the consistency of commercial pellets. However, using this strategy requires someplace you can store the dog/cat food while it dries out because it will create an unpleasant smell that will linger.

Random Pantry Food Potpourri

The earliest forms of carp ground bait were stale or spoiled food. A mix of breadcrumbs, canned corn and a variety of spices and condiments appeals to carp. A similar drying process is used once the ingredients are mixed to make this ground bait stay together.

Best Bait?

There's really no rhyme or reason as to why some carp prefer some ground bait to others, but with all of these different options at your disposal, they should bite on something. Try one type of ground bait and if it doesn't work, wait a few days and try another type of ground bait. At some point, the carp will bite and you'll know what types of smells or consistencies of bait they feed on. You can then modify your ground bait to fit what they prefer.

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