What to spray on dried flowers

Dried flowers are a wonderful alternative to fresh ones. They add colour, form and fragrance to your home decor; they can be arranged in baskets, vases, swags and wreaths; and they serve as mementos of significant moments. Dried flowers are considerably more long-lasting that their fresh counterparts, but they are still vulnerable to the effects of passing time, and can crumble, fade or break. Such damage can be prevented, however, by coating them with one of several protective sprays.


Hairspray is a protective spray for your dried flowers. It is also readily acceptable, as it is already present in most households. Simply apply a light, even coating of either an aerosol or a pump hairspray to flowers after they have completely dried. If you like the soft, natural fragrance of your dried flowers, however, hairspray may not be the best choice for a protective coating, as it will likely have a strong fragrance of its own.

Dried Flower Spray

Many craft- and floral-supply retailers sell dried flower sprays that are specially made to protect and preserve dried flowers. These sprays are odourless and protect dried flowers from moisture, preserve their colour, and keep them intact. They are made to be sprayed on the flowers periodically, and some are touted for their abilities to clean the dust from dried flowers as well as protect them. Dried flower sprays typically retail for under ten dollars.

Clear Craft Spray

There is an assortment of clear craft sprays available at craft- and hobby-supply stores. Such sprays serve a variety of purposes and are suitable for protecting all kinds of artistic creations, including dried flowers. When several coats of clear craft spray are applied, it gives dried flowers a look of glossiness, and adds dimension and bulk to thin petals. Like hairspray, clear craft spray will likely alter the natural scent of your dried flowers.

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