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The Best Way to Get Glitter Off of Floors

Updated April 17, 2017

Glitter can be annoying, and it can spread everywhere without a second thought. It is important to know how to get glitter off of floors when you've spilt it or have something that is spreading glitter all over. There are several strategies that you can use to get glitter off of floors for good. Mandy Peterson, a preschool teacher at Maddy Pre-Kindergarten in Minneapolis has some suggestions.

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Carpet Removal

Clean glitter up off of carpet in several ways. Use your vacuum first, but be aware that you will probably have to go over the same spot many, many times. Peterson says that glitter often sticks to the actual carpet itself, so a vacuum isn't going to do the trick all the time.

Wrap some tape around your fingers by starting a finger wrap with the sticky side out. Cover your entire hand with wrapped tape, as long as the stickyness is on the outside of your wrap. Peterson suggests using masking tape, because you can cover more area of the carpet doing this, without any problems. Get down on your hands and knees and use the tape to to remove as much glitter as possible. For carpeting, vacuuming and tape are going to be the two best options for removing glitter.

Tile and Wood

Remove glitter from tile and wood floors in slightly different ways. First use your broom to get as much glitter swept up as you can. This works well if you have spilt a lot of glitter and have a pile of it sitting there. Then, use a wet cloth to swipe over the areas that have had glitter on them. Most of the glitter will stick to the wet cloth instead of to your floor, and you should get most of it.

Try tape if there is still glitter remaining. This works well to get rid of any stubborn glitter pieces.

Buy A Product

Peterson suggests buying a glitter removal cloth if you work with glitter often. Several companies sell specially designed cloths that attract glitter, and thus clean it off of your surfaces. You can find these products at many stores, including stores that specialise in "made-for TV products" or the products that are sold on late night TV commercials. Stores that sell "made-for TV" or "as seen on TV" products can be found in major malls. You can also shop online. You can also find many "made-for TV" products at your local discount store. Check in the home cleaning or organisation sections of stores, and ask the workers in cleaning, home decor or home organisation sections about the products.

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