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What to wear to a cold winter football game

Updated July 19, 2017

A football game taking place in cold temperatures can often leave the fan in you whimpering on the sidelines. When you go to the game, you will want to be prepared for the weather at hand by supplying yourself with plenty of warm clothes and accessories. By thinking about the cold climates at the stadium before you head out the door, you can avoid a miserable day.

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Keeping Yourself Warm and Happy

Obviously, wearing a tank top and shorts to a football game during cold weather is not the brightest idea. Instead, wear layers; put on a long-sleeved shirt, followed by a sweater, then a jacket. Once you leave the house to go to the game, you might find that the temperature changes, so if you are outfitted with several layers, you can adjust your body temperature by taking off or putting on extra layers. Bring as many layers as possible to avoid freezing in the bleachers.

To keep your extremities warm, bring some mittens or gloves. Also carry with you a scarf and a beanie cap so your neck or head is protected from too much wind and cold exposure. Put on long socks if there will be slush or frost on the ground, as well as shoes that are high enough to cover your legs up to your shins from any ice or snow. Be sensible and prepare your body for the foreseeable weather. Do not bring snow boots, for instance, if it is not snowing.

Wear your team's colours or logos with pride, just bundle up first to avoid pneumonia. No arriving at the game next-to-naked, your stomach plastered with paint. Wear a sweater or jacket made of the team's colours. If you are really keen on showing your team spirit, find a Don King-inspired wig made of your team's colour and place it over the top of a warm beanie. This will keep you looking ready for the game as well as the cold.

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