How to temporarily fix cracked window glass with duct tape

Arsgera/iStock/Getty Images

Many assume that duct tape was created to connect heating and ventilation ducts. The truth is, duct tape was introduced in 1942 for keeping moisture out of military ammunition cases. After the war, when the housing industry began using duct tape to seal joints in duct work, its colour changed to silver.

Since then, it has been used to repair household items and seal camping equipment. Fixing a broken window is only one of many uses for duct tape.

Make a large "X" shape with two strips of duct tape to secure a broken window that has broken into two or three large sections. This holds the sections together and prevents small pieces from breaking off when you remove the window for repair.

Place criss-crossed sections of duct tape over a shattered window to hold the small shards in place. Place duct tape on both sides of the window for further protection from small slivers or sharp edges. This prevents injury from falling glass and prevents accidental injuries..

Seal a crack in a window by covering the crack with duct tape. Press firmly to create a tight seal. This prevents the window from further cracking and seals the window against both air and moisture.