Houseplant Care for Begonias

You can grow many types of begonias indoors as houseplants. Begonias do not require extensive care and attention, making them great for beginners with houseplants. Common houseplant begonia varieties include tuberous begonias, scarlet begonias and Reiger begonias. With the proper care, your begonias will flourish and add colour to your home.

Planting and Placement

Plant your begonias in loose, fertile soil and choose a pot with drainage holes in the bottom. Place a plant saucer under the pot to catch excess water and discard drained water from the saucer after each watering. Transplant your begonias to a bigger pot if they start to appear crowded.

Begonias can tolerate varying light sources, but they prefer at least partial shade. If you place your houseplant begonias near a window, make sure they do not get too much direct sunlight. A curtained or shaded window is fine. Too much sunlight or heat can scorch the leaves of your plant and kill it quickly. Begonias also thrive in full shade so you can keep them almost anywhere in your home. If you place your houseplant begonias outside in the spring and summer months, bring them indoors before the first frost. Even one light frost can kill begonias. Initially, your begonia may drop some leaves as it acclimates to the new environment.

Water and Humidity

Indoor begonias are very sensitive to over watering. Over watering can cause root rot and kill your plant. Water begonias when the soil feels dry and only give them enough water to moisten the soil, not soak it. Excess moisture can also cause disease in the leaves of your begonia so do not splash the leaves when watering.

Houseplant begonias do need some humidity. If your home gets especially dry in the winter, place a bit of water and some pebbles in the plant saucer under your begonia pot to give them a bit of extra moisture without over watering.

Grooming and Pests

Pinch off dead flowers and leaves as you notice them. Do not allow dead blooms and leaves to sit in the soil, as this can cause fungal infections in your plants. If you wish your begonias to have a more compact appearance, you can trim back the stems and leaves as necessary. Leave enough healthy plant to produce more blooms when you trim your begonias. Houseplant begonias have very few pest problems so there is no need to use insecticides.

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