The Best Way to Remove Chin Hair for Women

As a woman, one of the most embarrassing places to grow hair besides on the chest is on the chin. This is not a natural place for women to grow visible hairs, and the growth is almost always due to hormonal imbalances. This causes a condition called hirsutism, which translates to male-pattern hair growth on women.


If you have a lot of chin hair, you may opt to have laser hair removal. During the hair removal procedure, the doctor or nurse will use a laser instrument to destroy the hair follicles. This laser instrument will target the follicle at close range and singe the hair, while temporarily destroying the follicle housing the hair. There will be slight discomfort during the procedure, so the nurse prepping you will normally apply a cooling agent to your chin or a local topical anesthetic. You will also be given goggles to wear to prevent the laser light from getting into your eyes, which may damage your eyesight.

Laser hair removal is very precise and will take a few minutes to an hour to complete, depending on how much hair is present. When the procedure is over you will not have to wear gauze, or use any kind of topical agents or medications. For the first few days after the procedure, you may notice slight stinging and crusting. To avoid further crusting, use petroleum jelly daily, to moisten the area.

If you need to repeat treatments, do not wax or pluck your chin hairs at least three weeks prior to the procedure. Do not scrub your chin with any facial scrubs, pick at the crusting or go into direct sunlight for a few weeks.


Another way of getting rid of chin hair is by tweezing or "plucking" the hairs away. Plucking the chin hair allows the hair to be pulled from the follicle completely, which leaves behind no stubble. This method insures that the hair will take several weeks to grow back fully. This option is better for women with a few chin hairs.

To pluck the hair you will have to buy small tweezers from any drugstore or beauty supply. These tweezers are often used for precision arching of the eyebrows. Make sure you purchase the tweezers that are slanted at the pickup ends, and not flat. This way you may use either the sharp slanted side to pick up stubble or the flat side to grip longer hairs.

You grab one hair with the tweezers, and pull it away from the face toward the direction of the hair's growth. If there are a few hairs close together, you may grip a few of them and also pull them away from the face, in the direction of growth. Plucking can be a little painful, so to minimise this, you can use an icepack on your chin right before plucking the hairs to semi-numb the area. If you don't want to try this yourself, you may opt to go to a salon to have this done. It normally takes a few minutes, and the cost is typically around £5.

You might also want to try an As Seen on TV product, made specifically for removing unsightly hair, called Tweeze (see Resources).

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