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Alternatives to Wen Hair Care

Updated April 17, 2017

Wen is a hair-care product line sold on infomercials and online. Its three main selling features are that you use only one product to clean and condition your hair, that the product uses botanicals to keep your hair in optimum condition and that it is free from sodium lauryl sulphate, cleaning your hair without using detergent.

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Botanicals and Hair

"Botanical" means a substance derived from a plant. Many plants, such as aloe, have conditioning properties that work on hair and skin, and many can improve the look and feel of dry skin and hair. But Wen is only one of many hair-care products that use botanicals. Aveda might be considered the true pioneer of botanical hair care, but even drugstore brands such as Clairol's Herbal Essences tout plant power. Research which botanicals are right to help your hair care wants and needs. Then search out those ingredients in high-end and economical hair care lines.

No Detergent

Wen has one significant difference over other standard hair products: its cleansing method. Most shampoos, even ones with botanical ingredients, contain the detergent sodium lauryl sulphate. This detergent's pros and cons are highly debated because it can irritate skin, but it is what causes most shampoos to lather. Wen does not use sodium lauryl sulphate, so it can be considered less harsh than other shampoos. Most drugstore and salon brands do contain sodium lauryl sulphate, but you can find many products without it in health food stores.

Two In One

Wen uses only one product to clean and condition hair, but the two-in-one hair-care concept is not new. For instance, Pantene, a drugstore brand, offers a two-in-one product, as well as a botanical line. Many others, mostly in the drugstore category, offer a one-step approach to hair care. These products can be convenient to use, but when your hair is damaged from heat styling or chemical processing, no one-step product will give you a result that truly makes your hair look better. Since hair everywhere but the root is technically dead, what you want to do is coat the hair shaft so that the cuticle lays down and does not frizz. Using a one-step product will not do this as effectively as using a deep conditioner after shampooing.

Hair Care Club

Unlike salon and drugstore hair products, ordering Wen automatically enters you into a club that sends you more product at a predetermined time. This is a great strategy for Wen sales but is not always helpful to the individual consumer. You can end up with a lot of product that you don't use and a large credit-card charge for the same unwanted product. If you choose to opt out of a Wen hair-care club, cancel all further deliveries and especially future credit-card charges.

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About the Author

Rebecca Cioffi worked in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years and is currently living in Phoenix, Ariz., where she is working on a book. She is also a phlebotomist.

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