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How much do bath fitters cost?

Updated February 21, 2017

Bath Fitter remodelling solutions offer installation of an acrylic bathtub and shower that goes on top of your old bathtub and shower. Measurements are taken before installation so each tub and shower is custom-built to fit your shower and tub. A representative comes to your home and explains the Bath Fitter method, measurements are taken, then a professional installer returns to your home to install the bath fitter tub and shower in just one day. While the price may deter some people, many consumers have found the cost to be worth the convenience of a one-day installation.

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The average cost of a Bath Fitter installation is £2,600, according to This price covers the cost of your new bathroom from initial consultation to completion. Prices will vary according to the size and style of your shower and tub, whether any extra work is needed, and the type of liner you choose to cover the old shower.


Consumers who have reviewed Bath Fitter on complain that Bath Fitter salesmen pressure customers to sign a contract immediately. It is typical of businesses to guarantee a deal in this way, but many consumers appreciate being given time to consider a decision before signing a contract. The best strategy is to exercise caution before signing any legally binding document.


All Bath Fitter remodels are backed with a 100 per cent lifetime warranty, so your satisfaction is guaranteed. If anything happens to your new bathtub, or if it doesn't hold up, Bath Fitter will replace the job free, according to its official website. Because its work is guaranteed, you will save on future repair costs.


Many consumers are wary of the price of Bath Fitter and think it would be worth it to pay the extra money to do a complete remodel. Bath Fitter defends its product, explaining that it is worth the cost because of the convenience. "The entire bathroom remodelling installation process takes just a day," so you don't have to live without a bathroom while the entire room is replaced. Dealing with contractors for a complete remodel comes with no guarantee, so a job that is estimated to take one week could easily take six weeks to complete.

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