Homemade army costumes

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An army costume is among the easiest fancy dress costumes to make at home. Plus, most boys -- and a lot of girls -- will want to go to a party in camouflage at some point. There are other reasons you may need an army costume: a theme party, for example, or a last-minute costume party any time of year. Keeping the supplies on hand will help you be ready at a moment's notice.

Paint and markers

The most inexpensive costume requires you to buy almost nothing at all. All you need is a white, green or grey T-shirt and matching joggers. Find permanent markers, fabric paints or acrylic paint in brown, black and several shades of green. Draw large, abstract shapes all over the shirt and trousers in black marker. Fill in the shapes with the paint or markers, making sure that no two shapes of the same colour touch each other. Allow the paint or ink to dry for a few minutes. If you are using acrylic paint, wash the trousers and shirt before wearing them so that the clothes aren't stiff and rough. Top everything off with a dark green, brown or black handkerchief tied like a sweatband around your forehead and black or brown boots.

Inexpensive purchases

Purchase an olive green, dark grey, black or brown T-shirt from your local craft shop. These shirts are typically very inexpensive. Purchase camouflage tracksuit bottoms or camouflage pyjama trousers at the craft store or your local discount department store. Add a hat and jacket from your local army surplus store. These will be the most expensive items, but still should not be prohibitively costly. Paint your face with camouflage paint and wear black or brown boots. If you have a toy pistol or rifle, take it along and your costume is complete.

Combining techniques

Combine these two ideas by buying either the T-shirt or the paints and painting the other item of clothing. Buy the jacket and use a handkerchief for a head-covering, or just buy the hat if it is warm outdoors. If you have no toy firearms, they are available at most pound shops.

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