How to Dispose of Used Razor Blades

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Though razor blades are convenient and useful for those of us that shave, they're still hazardous if handled incorrectly. Throwing a razor blade away in the trash may cause injury and spread disease if the razor cuts through the trash bag and into someone handling the trash. This is why it's important to know how to dispose of old razor blades.

Use your black permanent marker to write on the blank adhesive label. You may write Disposed Razor, or draw a skull and crossbones symbol. It doesn't matter as long as it's a label you and your family will recognise as dangerous.

Peel the backing off the adhesive label and place onto your coin bank. The coin bank you choose doesn't matter as long as the material is strong enough so that razors cannot puncture through them. Because you will later dispose of the entire coin bank, you should purchase an inexpensive one.

Place your coin bank in the bathroom, where you shave and can easily dispose of the razor blades. You want it in reach, but it may be advisable to put it in a place where babies and small children cannot access it or open it.

Drop old razor blades through the coin slot. Continue doing this until the coin bank is full.

Drop the coin bank full of razor blades into a small plastic bag once it is full. Do not open the coin bank to pour out the razors, as the blades can penetrate the bag. Tie the plastic bag to seal.

Dispose of the entire plastic bag with the coin bank in it.

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