How to Charge a Seiko Kinetic Watch

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Kinetic watches work on the principles of kinetic energy--the energy of motion. What sets kinetic watches apart from traditional watches is that they utilise kinetic energy. This means that kinetic watches do not require batteries, which are commonly known to be bad for the environment upon their disposal.

Instead, kinetic watches harness the energy from your body's movements. However you must expose the watch to a greater amount of energy than typical body movement if you are charging it for the first time or charging it after it has been sitting idle for quite some time.

Hold the watch in one hand, between your thumb and index fingers.

Swing the watch 50 times from left to right.

Pull out the crown after observing the movements of the minute hand. The minute hand should move quickly, stop then move at 20-second intervals.

Set the time.

Push in the crown.

Swing the watch 350 times from left to right.

Put on the watch.