Homemade fancy hats

Whether for a party, the Kentucky Derby or a Halloween costume, plain, nondescript hats can be embellished to create fancy, out-of-this-world homemade hats. A trip to the craft store can yield you a variety of ribbons, flowers, gems, netting and feathers, all of which can be used to make a fancy homemade hat. Great for a party activity for small children, making fancy hats doesn't have to cost much, and you can customise it to match your outfit or personality.


Purchasing feathers in a variety pack at a craft store is an economical way to make a homemade hat more fancy. Feathers, being lightweight, are easy to glue on with a hot glue gun into any number of patterns. For a more serious fancy hat, pick a point on the dome portion of the hat and glue a spray of like-coloured feathers onto the hat. For a crazy-looking, bright hat, choose a variety of colours and shapes, and glue them all over the hat, like a mosaic. Feathers can be layered for more depth.


Silk flowers can be purchased from any craft store, and deconstructed to make a fancy hat. Removing the anchor from the centre of the false flower allows you to separate the layers and then glue them back together in different colours and patterns. These bright flowers are perfect to embellish the brim of a fancy hat, and with the deconstructed flowers, you can add gems as the centres for a fresher look. Bright and colourful flowers make a fancy hat look exciting.


You may not immediately think of netting as an embellishment for a fancy hat, but adding one to a smaller, less conspicuous hat can give it added glamour and intrigue. A length of black netting, cut into a cone shape and added on the brim of a hat so that it hangs over one eye is a fancy way to jazz up an otherwise plain hat. You can also add gems to the netting, along the bottom, to make it more glamorous.

Vintage Accessories

Scour thrift and consignment shops to come up with vintage brooches, shoe pins and hat pins to make a hat more fancy. Thrift stores often have costume jewellery that isn't expensive, but can give your hat added sparkle. Look in your own jewellery box for older pieces of jewellery. Even if it's a pendant, you can thread it onto a safety pin to secure it to the hat without the need for glue; this can be a good project for preteens at a party.

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