DIY Basketball Backboard

basketball hoop image by Predrag Marcikic from <a href=''></a>

Basketball is one of America's great pastimes; it is fun to play and easy to learn. These days many people have a basketball goal in their driveway or yard and didn't spend a lot of money to buy one. It isn't hard to make your own goal, and it begins with a strong, durable backboard.

Once you add a rim and a net, and mount the basketball goal in a proper location, you'll be ready to shoot some hoops.

Measure and mark a rectangle that is 6 feet wide by 3-1/2 feet high on a piece of large plywood. This is the standard size of a NBA backboard.

Cut the backboard using a table saw. Have an assistant hold and stabilise the plywood while you push it through the saw. Operate the table saw with care.

Measure and mark a square on the plywood backboard that is 24 inches wide and 18 inches high. Mark the square 21 inches from the top of the plywood, 3 inches from the bottom of the plywood, 24 inches from the right side of the plywood, and 24 inches from the left side of the plywood.

Paint the lines that make up the square on the plywood. The lines of the square should be about 2 inches thick, the official NBA standard. This square is used as a guide for bank shots when shooting the ball.

Coat the entire backboard with a waterproof sealant, covering the front, back and side edges. This will prevent water damage, and will allow you to use your backboard for years to come.