Hoover Carpet Shampooer Instructions

Hoover carpet shampooers are vacuum-like machines that provide users with a less pricey alternative to professional deep carpet cleaning. They work by secreting a cleaning solution and then scrubbing that solution into carpet fibres using rotating pad or brush attachments. The excess solution is then sucked back up into the machine. Both the solution and resulting dirty liquid are stored in individual compartments within a single, detachable tank that you can fill or empty appropriately when the solution runs out or the dirty liquid tank becomes full.

General Use

Before using your Hoover carpet shampooer, you must first fill up the solution tank and then plug the machine in. After turning the shampooer on, you must push it across the carpet in a regular pattern, releasing cleaning solution and sucking it back up as you go. According to CarpetShampooerGuide.com, the control for the cleaning solution is located beneath the Hoover's shampooers handle, and you can activate it with pressure from your finger. You should make sure not to release too much solution when shampooing, as this could seep all the way through carpeting and cause damage. According to the above source, if there is a residue left over after making a pass over a section of carpet, you are likely releasing too much solution.

Tank Filling & Emptying

You need to remove the Hoover carpet shampooer's tank in order to fill or empty its compartments. According to the Hoover Scrub 'n' Vac owner's manual at HomeAppliance.ManualsOnline.com, you can remove the tank by pushing down on its handle and then pulling the tank forward. To add more cleaning solution to the tank, remove the cap marked "Fill" and pour solution into the opening labelled "Clean Solution" until it reaches the "Full" line. If you need to empty out dirty liquid from a previous cleaning, remove the cap labelled "Used Solution" and turn the tank over (over a sink or tub, of course). Once emptied, the above source recommends that you rinse this compartment out with water.


Before adding or removing a pad or brush attachment to your Hoover carpet shampooer, make sure that it is unplugged. According to HomeAppliance.ManualsOnline.com, to add brushes to your shampooer you must flip the machine upside down and push each brush on to a shaft. You should twist each brush until you hear it click into place. Removing a brush requires you to simply grab the centre of a brush and lift it. According to the above, pads are attachments that you place over scrubbing or polishing brushes. You snap them in place by fitting a fastener through an opening in the pad and then around a brush shaft. You can easily unsnap them for removal.

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