Foods That Reduce Testosterone

We often hear information about raising testosterone levels, but some people would like to lower testosterone levels. Having high testosterone levels can sometimes explain hair loss. You may have other reasons you need to lower testosterone levels, but you should make sure that it's the right step and only do so with a doctor's recommendation.


According to Dr. Kaayla T. Daniel, soy protein lowers testosterone levels in men. Daniel is a certified clinical nutritionist with a Ph.D. in nutritional sciences and anti-ageing therapies, as well as the author of "The Whole Soy Story." Soy has a negative effect on women, who complain of fatigue when eating and drinking it. In women, soy is also linked to depression, hair loss, poor skin and a decrease in sex drive, according to Daniel. It's O.K. for healthy individuals to consume small amounts of soy throughout the week. The best choice for people who are trying to add protein into their diet is to use whey powder.

Reduce Animal Protein Intake and Other Testosterone-Building Foods

On way to reduce testosterone is to reduce intake of animal protein. Examples of animal protein include meat, milk and milk products, eggs, poultry meat and fish. Staying away from these foods is a sure-fire way to reduce testosterone. Foods with zinc, such as oysters, also build testosterone. Beef and other red meat are full of zinc as well and are more easily absorbed into the body. Nuts and beans naturally enhance testosterone levels, so staying away from these types of foods is wise when trying to reduce testosterone levels.

Alcohol, Licorice, Tobacco, Marijuana

Alcohol consumption can also reduce testosterone in the body, but this is not a recommended route to take for lowering testosterone. Instead, try using liquorice. Liquorice root is available in supplement form and is very effective in lowering testosterone levels. Because high levels of liquorice can have a negative effect on your health, it's important to talk to your doctor before beginning to take liquorice root supplements. Other natural testosterone reducers include marijuana and tobacco, but again, these are highly advised against and some of the health ramifications of using such products are worse than having higher testosterone levels. Talk to your doctor before making any major changes and find out exactly what can be done to lower levels naturally and safely.

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