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Spider Lily Planting Instructions

Updated April 17, 2017

Spider lilies can be grown in pots or easily in your garden. The spider lily plant comes from the Liliaceae family and can grow up to 2 feet tall. Spider lily bulbs grow steadily and produce beautiful vibrant flowers in July or August. With proper spider lily care, you can easily grow them inside or out.

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Spider Lily Bulbs

Choose a medium sized pot with drain holes with a saucer to prevent water from spilling onto your floors. Buy small bags of potting soil and sand. Mix potting soil and sand in an 80/20 mixture for optimal aeration and drainage. Fill the pot to the top with the soil-sand mixture. Dig out the mixture twice the depth of the length of the spider lily bulb. Place the bulb inside the pot and cover with the soil-sand mixture.

Choose a location inside your garden along the back edges that receives full sun. A spider lily plant is adequate for a border crop. Buy small bags of top soil and sand. Mix the top soil and sand in a 70/30 mixture. Dig holes twice the depth of bulbs for outdoor gardens. Place spider lily bulbs inside holes dug and cover with the soil-sand mixture. Press slightly down over newly planted spider lilies.

Spider Lily Plants

Use a medium sized pot for store bought plants just as you would for spider lily bulbs. Employ the same soil-sand mixture for potting conditions. Dig out the dirt twice the size of the root ball. Place the root ball inside the pot and cover with the mixture. Follow the same guidelines for planting store bought spider lily plants as you would for planting bulbs outside.

Indoor Spider Lilies

Water your spider lily plant or bulbs daily. Keep soil moist, but not soggy. Place your pot in a window that receives six or more hours of sunlight daily. Apply a water soluble fertiliser every other week in the spring, summer and early fall months. Choose a plant fertiliser that is specific for house plants.

Outdoor Spider Lilies

Give your spider lily bulbs and plants water every few days. Check daily to ensure that soil conditions are damp for your crop. Perform spider lily care of bulbs and plants by disturbing a gradual slow release fertiliser in mid-springtime.

Winter Care

Dig up bulbs after leaves have died. Spider lilies need a resting period. Dry spider lily bulbs by wiping them off with a soft cloth. Place bulbs in a cool, dry and dark location. Replant in the late springtime and care as you normally would for bulbs.

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