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Ways to cover bathroom walls

Updated February 21, 2017

Covering your bathroom walls can change the entire look and atmosphere of your bathroom. You can choose a bathroom wall covering that gives your bathroom any mood you want to create. It's important that a bathroom wall covering resists moisture. There are many things you could use to cover your bathroom walls such as wallpaper, paint and glass blocks.

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Wallpaper makes an ideal bathroom wall covering and may last for at least seven years. Wallpaper comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns that will enhance the beauty of your bathroom. There are many new kinds of wallpaper that are simple to put on your wall or take off. The downside of regular wallpaper is it may not be moisture resistant. It's best to buy non-woven wallpaper for your bathroom because it's mildew and mould resistant. Vinyl covering is another option that withstands moisture and humidity much better than regular wallpaper. Vinyl is usually laminated to paper or another type of backing.


Paint is also a great way to cover your bathroom walls, and it comes in a huge choice of colours--from pastels to bold. Some paints are made specifically for your bathroom. The benefits of this type of paint are its mildew and stain resistant qualities. It also doesn't splatter and there's no need for a primer coat if the walls are clean and not cracked or damaged. A gloss or semi-gloss finish should be used since bathrooms have a lot of moisture. Another way to use paint as a wall covering for your bathroom is to combine it with wallpaper borders or stencils. Paint is a beneficial wall covering because it's easy to touch up or change the colour.

Glass Blocks

Glass blocks can be used as an ideal bathroom wall covering because they're steam and water resistant. They're also a great way to get more natural light into your bathroom while still maintaining privacy. Glass blocks are very thick and durable, which makes them last a long time. Other benefits are their absorption of sound and thermo-insulation. Glass blocks come in different shades of blue, pink, yellow, green and more. They come in a variety of surface textures and transparencies. Glass blocks are usually made of high-quality materials, which makes them expensive.

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