Carnival-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A carnival-themed party is a festive event that can be interpreted in multiple ways. A Venetian carnival is often a formal event that's romantic, elegant and filled with mystery. A Mardi Gras party is wild and unpredictable. Carnival de Brazil is a fun, feather-filled atmosphere.

Or, opt for a carnival that would mimic the festivities of a typical travelling carnival.

Venetian Carnival

A Venetian carnival is sumptuous and glamorous. Originating in Venice, Italy, this carnival style should be a formal and extravagant event with an Old World feel. A necessary accessory is the mysterious Venetian mask. Dim the lights and have glowing candles for a romantic and elegant ambience. Consider theme colours such as white, gold and silver. Other colours to include are emerald, ruby and purple.

Mardi Gras Carnival

The official Mardi Gras colours are green, gold and purple. This event usually takes place in New Orleans and has its roots in the French aristocracy. Utilise these colours in your event. At Mardi Gras, anything goes. Some costumes that have the essence of Mardi Gras are court jesters, pirates and members of the royal court. A Mardi Gras event can range from an informal event to a formal ball. Decorate walls in velvet pipe and drape, hang beads and drape tables in the official Mardi Gras colours. Like the Venetian Carnival, guests also must wear masks.

Travelling Carnival

This can be a fun, informal event for all ages. Set up booths for fun activities. Have inexpensive prizes. Hire entertainers such as a clown or fire breather. Create your own midway and decorate it with a balloon arch. Rent a popcorn machine and use old-fashioned popcorn containers. Serve food from a food booth. Utilise multicoloured lights.