Vitamins to Help Prevent Facial Hair

Image by, courtesy of Faith Goble

Excess facial hair, especially of the darker variety, can be quite embarrassing for women. In conditions where women have too much testosterone produced by their bodies, this can be a constant struggle to keep their faces hair free. Plagued with a moustache or dark hair of their own, women may try painful waxing procedures or bleaching their hair, as well as electrolysis treatments or other more extreme and costly measures. But different vitamins and natural remedies can help prevent facial hair growth too.


It has been found that vitamin B6 in particular has had an effect on preventing facial hair growth. When taken with one's normal diet, vitamin B6 can help curb the body from making excessive amounts of prolactin. This prolactin is what urges testosterone to be released by the body and leads to the unsightly facial hair on women that men should generally only have. When the body does not have enough vitamin B6 naturally, this is often a cause of excessive growth and can be stopped with supplementation.


Other natural vitamins and minerals that have been linked with helping stop facial hair growth are chromium, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, and copper. These all help to keep the body, especially those of women, from producing too much testosterone. This is because each of these nutrients help keep insulin and androgen levels normal.


An herbal remedy that is known to help reduce the effects of excessive amounts of testosterone, and thus facial hair growth, is serenoa repens. Similar supplements to this are also pygeum Africans and urtica dioca, which have been prescribed by holistic physicians to women who have hormone disorders. There are also tests done with these supplements on men who have a hormone imbalance with their own levels of testosterone.


Another naturalistic remedy is vitex agnus-castus, which is also known as chastetree berry. This supplement works to curb too much LH, or luteinizing hormone, that leads to facial growth. This remedy was commonly prescribed to women having irregular menstrual cycles and to also aide in fertility, but was then shown to also help stop facial hair growth.


Vitamin A, most notably as beta carotene, the nutrient that is in carrots and brings them their orange colour is also a way to help regulate the levels of testosterone in the body. Working much in the same way as vitamin B, beta carotene can be either eaten through carrots, but it is easier if ingested in a pill. They can come in varying doses, but 5000 IU has been shown to be an amount that is able to have an effect on too much facial hair growth.

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